Sandwich Recipes - Healthy and Easy Sandwiches for You (Tiffany Cooks Easy Gourmet Recipes Book 4)

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Enjoy an amazing lunch with recipes of Southwest specialties. Dessert w ill be Coconut Flan. This is a perfect date night class. Dessert will be hand-made Apple Strudel. Discover how to use these vegetables in creative recipes that bring the flavors to life! Treat yourself to a delicious lunch with a lesson you will enjoy preparing in your own kitchen!

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Dessert is Pumpkin Cheesecake Mousse with crushed Gingersnaps. Invite your partner to share an evening of culinary delights! Our three course menu is matched with two wines served with the meal. Kids if you are 8 or above, here is a great lesson teaching how to make Pizza and Pasta from scratch. Gain an understanding of ingredients, spices and cooking methods to be able to prepare these specialties for yourself.

This class is for you if you want to learn to use a multi-pot with all the cooking methods available in the functions. Bring your own to learn or use ours for this lesson of family friendly meals. Each recipe will be made with a multi-pot. This week culinary course is for those who want to learn about all facets of cooking to become good well rounded cooks at home.

Give yourself the treat of learning to make Oriental take-out foods so you can prepare them at home.

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Experience learning to use traditional ingredients, spices and cooking methods to create the dynamic flavors these foods are known for. Dessert is Almond-Lemon Cake with fresh Berries. Join us for a class where couples work together to create an amazing three course gourmet meal. The meal will be enjoyed with a sampling of wines. The most sought after alternative diet is the Vegan diet. As a natural healthy way of eating, choices for preparing meals using Vegan principals are endless. Enjoy an inspiring class with recipes you can use for a long time. Come for an afternoon of fun, great eating and Margaritas!

Local harvest foods are the focus of this lesson. Dessert will be Caramel-glazed Pear Cake. Sous Vide cooking opens the door to creating bright fresh flavors using a natural, healthy cooking process.

Cold Lunch Sandwich Ideas with The Domestic Geek! - 3 Healthy Sandwich Recipes

Learn about the method and how it enhances the flavors of many foods in this interesting lesson. Enjoy the flavors of Autumn and great tasting Pies! This is a perfect time of year for Pie baking and learning how to make a great Pie Crust. Here is a marvelous lesson with a combination of gourmet food and wines matched to complement each other. Come for a culinary lesson and a wine matching lesson.

Come with your partner to share the lessons of an amazing three course Gourmet menu. French country foods are like no other. Lovely flavors come from best quality ingredients and well executed cooking techniques. Enjoy an afternoon of preparing French foods to learn recipes you can use for a long time. Give your child ages 8 to 12 , a jump start learning to cook, with our six week fundamentals of cooking series.

Kids will learn by working hands on with the chef. Sign up for this fun and valuable experience. This class offers a variety of family friendly Fish recipes which you can easily prepare, with flavors everyone should enjoy. Gain an understanding of how to create the flavors found in foods from the countryside of Tuscany this time of year! Invite your partner to share a special date night and enjoy a gourmet three course meal with all the trimmings! Our lesson is accompanied by a sampling of wines.

Come for an amazing lesson on baking Cupcakes then learn to decorate them so they look like they were done by a pro! That would be you! Enjoy a lesson on the flavors, spices and ingredients of Thai specialties. Learn to use and integrate them to create amazing Thai flavors with each recipe. This class will mix it up with homemade and store bought Pastas, then add made from scratch Sauces for perfect combinations. Increase your knowledge about many cuts of Beef you can choose from; what they are and how to cook them. They are easy on the pocketbook, easy to prepare and offer endless choices for dinners, family gatherings and special occasions!

Flavors are nicely satisfying and easy to create!

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Come for a dynamic evening of cooking and be part of a group of couples creating this amazing menu! Treat yourself to a lesson that will show them perfectly every time.

Shellfish in its glory can be one of our favorite culinary treats! Sign up for a lesson teaching how to best prepare it including how to purchase, and handle it the way it should be done. Learn to make Bread with a sampling of yeast doughs to get a well rounded understanding how breads develop from start to beautiful finish. Foods from Paris offer a stunning array of choices with layers of flavors woven through each recipe. Enjoy the creation of these time tested specialties with credits to this beautiful city.

Dessert will be crepes with chocolate and orange. Add a flavorful Sauce to a dish and new dynamics come to life! Turn your desire to cook perfectly grilled foods into a reality with this fun and sassy lesson. Learn to cook and smoke all parts of a menu with perfect timing and amazing flavors. Dessert is. Sign up with your partner for a fun evening of cooking a three course gourmet meal. Enjoy the experience and cook with other couples to create this meal.

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Learn to create them for your own dining pleasure. Learn to grill all parts of a meal and gain an understanding of using a grill so you can gauge correct temperatures, timing, and achieve maximum flavor for each recipe.

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Multi-pot cooking has taken hold as one of the most popular cooking techniques ever. You can bring and use your own or learn by using ours. This lesson is for people who like to cook together and enjoy great food!

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  • The art and techniques of Cake Decorating are fun skills to call on for creating beautiful cakes. In this class a demonstration will show how to ice a Cake, create borders, make flowers and leaves and write using a pastry bag. Students will practice each of these techniques, then will receive a baked cake ready to design, decorate and when finished take home. This great lesson in time for the holidays shows how to make an amazing menu of finger foods, then put them away until you are ready to serve them!

    They are made to be frozen ahead of time! Southwest cuisine encompasses so many great ingredients, cooking methods and Southwest Chilies for maximum flavor! Thanksgiving is a special meal every time we prepare it. Come learn how an update to this special meal makes it easier, lighter, and healthier! Dessert will be light and luscious Pumpkin Mousse.